Hewett Polytechnic

Hewett Polytechnic was originally started at Gorakhpur in 1904. Some-Time in 1908 the institution was shifted to Lucknow in a rented building at Jagat Narain Road, the main reason being that Lucknow was the capital of Avadh enjoying a central position in Uttar Pradesh.

Onwards the institution by virtue of well-trained staff and their spirit of great enterprises progressed by leaps and bound. It enjoyed not only country wide popularity but a good number of middle East, Iran, Tibbet, Bhutan, Ceylon etc. had their training in it. In 1934 the institution was formally recongnized by the state government and at a later stage by the Govt. of India also.

Prior to 1957 the institution did not receive ...

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To develop young Technical man-power armed with qulity education ,technical & human skills through adaptation of modern &innovative teaching methodology.

To provide on open opportunity to the young generation for evolving their core competencies for building up their career as world -class professionals with broad foundation

Message- At Hewett Polytechnic our objective is to impart such professional and spiritual knowledge to my students so that they become good professionals and excel